About Vitae Investments

Vitae (latin: “Course of Life”)

For many of us, property investing becomes a big part of life, both financiallyand on a practical day-to-day basis.

We would like our journey to take the right direction (“course”) and speed without unnecessary struggles and pains.

Then why do so many of us find that this is not the case?

What we do

  • We supply investors with property development projects in the UK, aiming to apply modern methods of construction and designs
  • We help solve the need for housing, including affordable housing and bridging accommodation for various needs
  • We aim to combine these two, creating affordable and eco-friendly living spaces with ultra-low running costs, and attractive and socially responsible investment opportunities for investors

How we do it

  • We apply more efficient and less expensive methods, such as offsite / modular construction methods and modern materials
  • We create living spaces for people in need, and collaborate with local authorities to help meet demand for social housing
  • We offer attractive finance options for these projects for our investors

Why we do it

  • We want to contribute to solving the housing crisis
  • We are strong believers in eco-friendliness, and in using energy and resources efficiently
  • We are big believers in unlocking the individual’s potential, and we want to contribute to a higher evolved society

What makes us different

  • We aim to apply modern methods of construction and designs to improve living spaces and increase investor returns
  • We strongly believe that social responsibility and capitalism can be combined to create the best solutions
  • We are proudly part of the Vitae10 movement, and allocate 10% of profits to projects that help and educate people

Benefits of our services

Serviced Accomodation

Fed up of being a BTL landlord? We can take the hassle out of your property investments by offering a fixed guaranteed rental income and no headaches.

Property Sourcing

We assist you in locating high-quality investment opportunities. Register to receive updates on available deals.

Start-up & Management Services

Are you based overseas? Our range of management services provides efficient administration and results so you can focus on your main tasks.

Planning to invest in property?

Modular construction provides:
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Reduced Build Time
  • Fixed Building Cost
  • Reduced Risk and Delays
  • Less Waster and Better Cost Control
  • Eco-Friendly and Low Carbon Footprint
  • Ultra-low running cost
  • High Investor-ROI

We are welcoming

  • investors (active and passive)
  • joint venture partners
  • owners of properties with development potential
  • self builders and future homeowners
  • sourcing agents

who would like to explore working with us to create outstanding results and returns.

Modular construction investments

Find out why your next property investment should be a modular development.

Want to deep-dive into details?

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About Modular Construction”

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