What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction – or off-site construction – involves the process of building modules remotely (in a factory) and then shipping them to the final location for the final assembly. This modern method of construction comes with a wide range of benefits – both from a developer’s and an investor’s point of view.

Modular construction is becoming a preferred way of building not only single houses but even large apartment buildings:

Why this matters to you

Key Investor Benefits

There are some significant benefits to be gained by applying off-site construction in property development:

Reduced build time – time is money

Fixed building cost – reduces the risk of unforseen costs

Reduced risk of delays and interruptions by weather conditions

Practically no snags or construction faults

Less waste of building materials – better cost control

Less dependency of workers and tradesmen

Want to deep-dive into details?

“10 Things You Need to Know
About Modular Construction”

Properties built off-site

In case you wonder what modular built properties look like, here are some samples

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