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As an investor, you are mainly concerned with two things: good returns and sufficient security. Security can also be considered as a lowered risk. There will always be some level of risk – even by keeping your money in the bank.
A good return is the easy part, as finding investments that yield good returns is not very difficult. Surprisingly many people (and agents) however, tend to be too optimistic about their future returns, and even more people are not comparing the level of risk between projects when deciding which one is right for them.


Reducing and managing risk is far more difficult, and this is where the best developers often differ from the rest. The market and a number of other factors are changing, and one cannot necessarily do things “as they always have been done”. Long experience in itself is, therefore, no guarantee of success, but should not be rejected. That is why we have established a variety of strategic partnerships, in order to benefit from many types of knowledge, many types of experience and many sets of eyes that consider a particular project, the local area and the region, and not least the situation ahead. In addition, we make a very thorough assessment of risk based on a number of different factors.


Modular construction principles come with elements of industry disruption, but also some very welcome characteristics from an investor’s point of view. This includes a significantly shorter build time, less on-site activity, higher build quality, and fewer snags and faults. Also, a larger proportion of a typical modular project now comes with a fixed price. All these factors contribute to reducing the risk facing the developer and investor.

We also analyse and assess the consequences of potential (and often undesirable) changes in the market and other conditions, and establish comprehensive plans for how these situations are actively addressed and handled. Risk management is precisely here – in that more than one plan has been established for project exit if things develop in an undesirable direction. As an investor, you need a partner who has done this preparation thoroughly.

Vitae Investments is that partner.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Our projects are chosen based on a number of factors, such as local knowledge of the area, which partners are involved, a variety of risk factors, timescales, our investors’ preferences – all which mount into an analysis of the whole project. If you would like to know more about how we work, please get in touch by using the form below.

Risk-adjusted return is of how much return your investment has made relative to the amount of risk the investment has taken over a given period of time. If two or more investments have the same return over a given time period, the one that has the lowest risk will have the better risk-adjusted return.

Diversification is the process of allocating capital in a way that reduces the exposure to any one particular asset or risk. A common path towards diversification as a property investor can be to reduce risk or volatility by investing your available funds spread over a variety of projects.

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