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Vitae (latin: “Course of Life”)
For many of us, property investing becomes a big part of life,
both financially and on a practical day-to-day basis.
We would like our journey to take the right direction (“course”)
and speed without unnecessary struggles and pains.
Then why do so many of us find that this is not the case?

A little background

The company founder, Magnus Strom, started his professional property journey in the Norwegian capitol in 1998 – mostly on instinct – buying a large and centrally located property. The intention was to split it into smaller units and rent them out separately in a heated rental market. Without revealing the details here, his series of mistakes following the purchase eventually lead to a book with the short and humble title “How I made 21 mistakes doing my first real estate deal, and still made half a million dollars”. This short read can be downloaded for free by clicking here and discusses his first experiences due to shortcomings in knowledge and lack of proper guidance.​
In addition to his master’s degree in business and economics and background as a military officer and management consultant, Magnus has gone through extensive property training. He has also engaged a number of personal mentors and business coaches, some of them excessively overpaid and leading him in other directions than his true passions. He has worked through a variety of personal development studies and has recently completed a Business Coach certification training to be able to contribute to other investors’ mindset and also provide powerful techniques to help them accomplish their investment goals. His mission and “course of life” has developed accordingly, with the distinct recognition that one size (or one property “course”) does not fit all.​

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