Modular homes are built with the same features as conventional houses. It can be a perfect three-bedroom family home with French doors and plenty of windows for more light and view. Modular homes are customisable enabling you to choose your own finishing touches.
The UK housing market needs fixing according to Prime Minister Theresa May. Around 300,000 homes are needed annually to keep up with demand. But the problem is that building homes from scratch or even purchasing a home comes with a hefty price, and shortages of skilled workers and even materials are becoming apparent among UK construction companies.
Modular housing has the potential to align with the goals of the government to produce thousands of homes per year. The government is urging the people and companies involved to make greener housing projects to ease the environmental and housing crisis. Modular construction uses various high-quality materials that are superior to what is found in traditional houses. There are numerous design and layout options, including a two-storey architecture and ranches. It’s faster to build and have either steel or timber frames. This type of home is also more energy and heat efficient because of improved insulation and construction techniques. Some modular residential include:
Modular homes units are normally transported using a flatbed truck. There’s practically no requirements as to the actual size of the house, although maximum size that can be transported on UK main roads are 5m wide, 4.5m tall and up to 12m long.
Residential Homes
260 sq. ft. to 3000 sq. ft
12 weeks

Other Case Studies

government sector case study


Conventionally built government structures demand extensive planning and construction time. On the contrary, modular government buildings are easy to install and able to house essential government services. These units can be used as offices, quarters, and more. Further, they are durable and can withstand heavy daily operations.

education sector case study


Modular buildings have supported daycare, K-12, and higher education facilities. With modular educational buildings, you can guarantee durability, safety, and efficiency. Modular structures can be technology ready with built-in charging stations and projectors. It has safety options like surveillance systems and easily accessible for handicapped employees and students.


Modular healthcare centres provide support for the delivery of emergency services. Due to the overflow of patients in hospitals, extensions that will seamlessly fit into the existing buildings are needed. The modules will give faster service, additional work space for doctors and nurses, and eliminate waiting time.

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