Serviced Accommodation

The demand for short term renting is steadily growing, providing the possibility of higher rental returns on certain properties.
“Bridging Accommodation” – providing people with simple and affordable short -term accommodation.
Serviced accommodation comes in many forms, from traditional holiday lets by the sea during summer season to temporary housing for professional workers. We sometimes like to call it “Bridging Accommodation”, referring to the concept of bridging loans, providing a quick, temporary and simple solution. And yes, naturally it will pay a higher return than long-term rentals, as there is significantly more administration and seasonal variations. Given the right location and terms, we can offer landlords guaranteed rental income by taking care of administration such as bookings, follow-up, payments and cleaning – leaving you with a care-free and steady income.

If you own a property that is currently either vacant or approaching end of the rental agreement, get in touch to explore what we can offer.

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